Run To The Sun

Run To The Sun is a 24 hour relay event to raise funds for local charity


The baton must not stop!

You can carry the baton and be part of the fun. There will be fancy dress, face painting, mindfulness walks, live music, and lots of smiles. You can even bring your pet along! It goes on all through the night. You can camp out.. and greet the sunrise with us at 4.30am.

Last year's event was a great success; with your support we can make this year even bigger.

Click on the runner to sign up now! See you there!

Last Year's Activities

  • 10am: Schools
  • 12pm: Ready Steady Go
  • 5pm: Teams/Groups
  • 7pm: Mental Health Matters
  • 8pm: Music Acts
  • more info...

Last Year's Activities

10am: Schools

Meet Jet & Ben. Durham police dogs will be there from 10:30 to 11:30 to talk about talking to strangers. There will be trained athletes and coaches to provide ‘pre race’ warm up exercises and keep fit work out sessions for children and adults.

12pm: Ready Steady Go

The race will start with as many people as possible, including the Josephine Butler giant mole. Fancy dress will be available.

5pm: Teams/Groups

Local businesses, Colleges and families will compete against each other for fantastic prizes. Categories include: slowest lap time (but the baton must not stop), most team members, best fancy dress, most boring group.

7pm: Mental Health Matters

On hand will be Bruce, the mindfulness guru, who will deliver introductions to meditation and mindfulness sessions. There will also be a mindfulness walk. ‘Walk&Talk’. You can meet and chat with RTProjects staff, volunteers and service users (PALS) about mental health issues. Advice and mental health support services will be available to give advice on mental health issues and advise you on what to do to find help.

8pm: Music Acts

Join us on the Friday evening for some live music acts from the side of the track.

Last Year's Activities

4am: Greet the Sunrise

Not for the faint-hearted or ‘sleepy’ people. Sunrise is at 4:29am. Each day is a very precious gift. This is an opportunity to greet the dawn of a brand new day and focus on the positive things in all of our lives as we say ‘Hello’ to the sun and feel a sneaky sense of ‘one-upmanship’ for those who are still asleep and missing it.

9am: 5K Challenge

'Proper Runners'! Come and challenge yourselves! How fast can you run 12.5 laps (5k) around the track? Can you beat your PB? Run and talk to other runners on the lovely, smooth, soft and bouncy surface of the running track, safe in the knowledge there’s no danger of being knocked over by an overzealous taxi driver or tripping over a tree root...

10am: Kids Fun

Bring the kids along to join in the fun, games such as football practice with Elvis Presley, Face painting, Craft activity stall, and keep fit for kids (and adults), while you set about breaking the world record for running backwards around an athletics track (or just jogging a lap, whatever floats your boat)

12pm: Grand finale

This is a wonderful opportunity for us all to celebrate the fantastic achievements of all those who have taken part and supported the event. The emotion is palpable a mixture of exhaustion and joy. The final lap will be followed by the prize giving ceremony and a chance to reflect on it all.

Last Year's Activities

  • 4am: Greet the Sunrise
  • 9am: 5K Challenge
  • 10am: Kids Fun
  • 12pm: Grand finale
  • more info...

Saturday 16th June 12:00pm
Sunday 17th June 12:00pm

The Graham Sports Centre
Maiden Castle